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Drive Performance, Build Culture, an Develop Leadership

We are a fast growing management consulting, executive coaching, and advisory firm.  

Stop struggling and start getting better results!

I simplify the complex "People Stuff" so you can achieve results faster!

Transformational and meaningful change means you have to do things a bit differently than you are today.  Here's what I can help you do: 

  1. Assess and identify your biggest barriers to success.
  2. Prioritize and measure the things that will have the biggest impact on results.
  3. Develop and implement a realistic plan.
  4. Support and guide you through sustainment.
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Private VIP Group

Apply to join my Private Group of Leadership Masterminds.  Masterminds have the courage to lead and know exactly what it takes to lead themselves, lead a team and lead business results. This group is for leaders who are ready to raise their game and learn with others.

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Learning Community

Be part of my fast growing learning and development community.  Members get the latest complimentary resources for their career and leadership development as well as have access to special offers and deals on the latest products and services. 

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The Leadership Mastermind Program

The groundbreaking leadership development program you won't want to miss! This online course covers everything you need to lead more effectively.  18 Leadership Competencies, 24 Modules all in one place!

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"I can honestly say I have not met any one with her ability to focus in on a business leaders weakness or strength and provide the right advice for senior management to develop and grow. To this day, if I ever need solid advice on business decisions involving the management of office politics or difficult individuals she is the first person I contact. "

Shareholder and Investor

"I have had the privilege of attending several leadership development programs over the course of my career, but I can equivocally say that the LDP program that Tonia developed and delivered was quite frankly life-changing. Tonia’s focus around emotional intelligence, dealing with conflict and engaging in crucial conversations was an approach I had never seen before. I was completely inspired, and still am, with her delivery, passion and on point discussions. Tonia does not just teach business skills she teaches “LIFE” skills that you can use anytime, anyplace and anywhere."

VP of Asset Integrity

"Tonia is a true professional. She is easy to talk to and brings energy to solving business issues"

VP of Operations

"Tonia, was instrumental in the instructional design, facilitation and ongoing coaching of the leadership programs I have attended. She was invaluable in terms of her ability to customize the program based on the culture of the company and specific leadership deficiencies that needed to be addressed. Her coaching style was succinct and full of real-life examples that I could relate to. She challenged me and my colleagues emotionally and professionally to dig deeper and truly think about how we lead. Whether coaching for success, coaching for improvement, or coaching to manage performance, Tonia can provide professional insight that will develop and build leadership capacity. I continue to turn to Tonia as mentor and expert when I need leadership advice."

Jen F.
Managing Director

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