Taking Charge of Your Career Path

So often people wait for their company or leader to define their career path.  I've spent years coaching and advising employees and leaders to take accountability and wait for no one.  The first step is the hardest one for most people.  It's about taking charge and creating self awareness of your career journey.  It is up to us to know where we want to be.  What's that last job you want be in when you retire?  What role is the role you're shooting for?  Only you can define where you want to be and in what timeframe.  It also takes digging deep and having self awareness of where you are today.   So many people are not spending time reflecting on those questions and are getting frustrated with their careers and where they are at.  Your career path journey also requires that you have understanding of what it takes to be in the role you want to be in.  Do you know what it takes to be in the C-Suite?  What are those skills and competencies that CEOs are looking for?  Do you have fair tools to assess yourself and most importantly are you ready to accept the feedback of where you may fall short?  

The second step of taking charge of your career path means you have to have the courage to change.  Ah yes, I said it.  Courage.  That doesn't mean that you are not afraid.  It means that you are willing to stand in the face of your fears and say something, do something or change something.  This step is about making a commitment to yourself that you will create a real development plan.  You will commit the time, the energy and the money it takes to invest in yourself.  This is where most people get stuck.  Hey, I get it.  It's hard.  And it's okay to ask for help.  But if you don't commit to your future and what you want, who will?  You will never transcend to your ideal future if you don't.  

Remember, career pathing is a journey.  It's like going on a road trip.  It may have a destination but you are going to get lost, run out of gas, decide to make a pit stop and maybe even decide to change the destination.  

So, what's your story?  Have you thought about what you really want out of your career?  Do you have the information and feedback you need to close your development gaps?  Do you need help working through your career path or development plan?  Are you in your own way?  

Don't wait.  Take accountability.  Only you can take charge of your career path!


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