Why Leaders Fail - Reason #1

With all the materials out there regarding leadership, it's time to take a look at the dark side.  You can google leadership and find books, articles, steps, methods, and countless other things to help you thrive as a leader.  But not as often, are there straight, to the point derailers that will inevitably land you in leadership purgatory.  I have boiled it down to four main reasons leaders fail.  

Let's start with reason #1 - They lack integrity.   

I know this term has typically been reserved for serial killers, but let's be honest, there are toxic killers in organizations. Manipulative psychopaths that destroy the productivity and well-being of others are allowed to roam the halls of offices and create chaos for those in their path.

They are highly intelligent, charming and at times seem harmless. They are known to thrive in drama and seek positions of power and should not be approached without backup as they are considered armed and dangerous.

Now I know what you may be thinking.  Of course I have integrity.  Of course I do what's right, and of course I'm a good person.  But let's face it... there are behaviors leaders engage in that keep getting downplayed. But these toxic behaviors are killing the leader with each blunt stab. 

  • Games
  • Cowardice 
  • Lies

And of course everyone has taken part in office politics, or kept quiet when they shouldn't have or even didn't come forward with all the information.  Regardless of the reason... these "small ethical dilemmas" turn into toxic manipulation that are guaranteed to kill your leadership credibility.  

Stay tuned for reason number #2! 


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