The Biggest Mistakes CEOs make when it comes to leadership development

leadership development Jul 02, 2020
The biggest mistake I see CEOs and Organizations make with leadership is not knowing and aligning WHY you have leaders in the first place.
Often times boards will pressure Sr. Management about what they are doing to develop leaders and then before you know it everyone starts worrying about WHAT to train and HOW to train. Leadership development then gets delegated to HR or leaders are shipped to 3rd party programs like dry cleaning with the hopes they come back perfectly pressed and ironed.
And sadly... may people do not see the results they'd hoped for.
Because you have to know WHY leaders exist to begin with. And it's not because there was an empty box on the organizational chart. Leaders exist to ensure performance happens.
That’s it... That’s all.
Leadership is all about performance.
If you're good at leadership you get more boxes under you. If you're not good at leadership you should get NO boxes under you... I'll type that one more time. If you're not good at leadership you should get NO boxes under you.
Think about sports for a moment... pick a sport.. any sport. Notice how when a team keeps losing they fire the coach? In organizations they fire the players and keep the coach. UGH!
So if you are building a leadership program.... first step is to remember the WHY before you build the WHAT.
But CEOs and Senior Management can get going on Leadership Development right now!  Now that the WHY is out of the way, you can start working on the WHAT and the HOW.  
One of the biggest investments a CEO can make in Leadership Development is to fire the toxic leaders. There many not be a lot of them but they destroy any message that leadership matters. 
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