Why Leaders Fail - Reason #4

In our pursuit to become better leaders, we need to take pause and consider those behaviors that can quickly take you from the fast track to being off the rails completely.  These behaviors can show up as "micro aggressions" or full blow toxic patterns.  Here's the last of 4 reasons why I believe leaders fail.  

Reason #4 - They lack direction.

It may not seem as toxic as being unethical, arrogant, or blocking decisions, but lacking direction can completely squash a leader's respect.  People want to be led, need to be led, and are looking all the time for direction.   Leaders that cannot set that direction, think ahead, use strategy to solve issues, and drive the team towards a valuable future will suffer a slow, dying death.  Sitting in the chair year after year with no measurable change or impact to the business is just as bad as the other toxic behaviors.  

There are many reasons the aimless wanderer struggles.  Sometimes it is intellect, sometimes it's fear, sometimes it's just plain lack of accountability.   Not knowing where to go, how to get there, or how to set stretch targets to measure progress is at the core of their struggle.  
  • Lack of vision
  • Lack of prioritize planning
  • Lack of measure

Leaders can throw around the term strategy all they want but without the actual movement towards outcomes the business needs to be productive and profitable, it's just "getting by".  


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