Why Leaders Fail - Reason #2

We all know that there are many models of leadership.  There are also hundreds of books and programs that help leaders become more effective.  Sometimes the best part of leadership development is just stopping the derailers that will inevitably land you in leadership purgatory.  I have boiled it down to four main reasons leaders fail.  

Let's look at reason #2 - They lack humility.   

I know that being humble is a given when it comes to leadership.  But we have to be honest with ourselves that there are still many leaders out there who truly believe they are the smartest people in the room.  These narcissistic deadly sinners are extremely ego centric and focus on their own preservation over those of the team and organization.  

They are extremely smart, cunning, and at times will use their influence to manipulate others. They are known to drive all the conversations and not imagine others have a contribution since they already have all the answers.  

I know we all want to believe we have humility, but let's face it... there are behaviors that people engage in that our killing leadership cultures around the world.  

  • Intellectual arrogance
  • Self centered intentions 
  • Selfish entitlement 

Everyone has moments where you feel your solutions and ideas are a cut above the reset.  We've also all had moments where we felt like we had all the answers.  But the minute we stop learning or believing we have anything the learn, we have started down a very slippery slope to toxic leadership.  

Stay tuned for reason number #3! 


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