Why Leaders Fail - Reason #3

Before you jump into to all the ways to lead more effectively or research more models on leadership, consider the behaviors that you SHOULDN'T engage in.  Sometimes being great means avoiding a few things that derail your leadership.  I have boiled it down to four main reasons leaders fail.  

Reason #3 - They lack decision making ability.   

I know that there are different styles of decision making.  But we have to be real about what we need leaders to do.  Organizations need leaders who make decisions.  Lots of them.  With a certain pace and quality that may not always be comfortable.  May not always be backed with all the information needed, and may not always be popular.  But that's the job! 

Unlike the first two "characters", the Indecisive Blockers lack confidence.  They don't trust their instincts and often worry the decisions they make might be wrong or unpopular.  They fear change and are known to not only delay decisions but actually stall or stop them.   Status quo is safe and decisions create change.  

May not be as toxic as the narcissist or deadly sinner but just as disruptive in organizational effectiveness.  

  • Stalled work
  • Lack of trust
  • Protect Status Quo

We all believe are decisions are the best and our intentions are pure.  But we have to acknowledge that the moment we block progress as a leader we have become part of the problem.  Leaders are constantly making decisions to the move the work, the business, and performance forward.  

Stay tuned for reason number #4! 


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