A little about me...

I am on a mission to change the world one leader at a time! The entrepreneurial bug bit me after spending years in Organizations supporting the C-Suite. I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. I decided to take my education as an Industrial Organizational Psychologist and 20+ years of experience as an HR Executive and make the complex human behavior stuff super simple to understand and implement so businesses can see impact quickly.

I help leaders get results! And by that I mean do the tough stuff to overcome their barriers so they can make meaningful change.


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My Values

We believe that Accountability is a personal choice of clients and customers to take co-ownership of results. 

We believe in having the courage to say what needs to be said to help clients and customers through the tough stuff.

We believe in creating an environment where we openly share observations and feedback to accelerate development.

My Simple "ACT" Process


The first part of the process is CREATING AWARENESS about current state, barriers, and understanding all the dynamics you're up against. 


The second part of the process is ESTABLISHING COMMITMENT about what you are willing to change and what you are not.  


Once you decide what you're willing to do differently, then you can accelerate towards your outcomes and TRANSCEND.

"Tonia proved herself invaluable when I was running operations. She displays a great work ethic, tenacity, resilience and a great ability to influence others to do their best work."

Manager of HR Service Operations

"What really distinguishes Tonia is the energy and passion she brings to whatever she does. She impressed me with her ability to accurately assess people and critical business issues, as well as following through on her commitments. Tonia was an invaluable source of help and was very well-regarded by her colleagues and clients within the organization."

Leader of Strategic Talent Development

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