How to Have the Career of Your Dreams in 5 Simple Steps

Does this sound like you? 

...I don't know what my career path is with my current company… no one has told me

...I'm frustrated that my leader doesn't tell me where I should be focused

...I feel like my leader has no interest in what I want to do - just wants me to do the job I'm in

...I want to be a leader but looks like it will take years given the promotion opportunities

...Why is it such a secret on who gets to be in special career development programs and not me?

...Nobody has asked me whether I want that next role or promotion, they just assume I should be grateful for it!

...I'm not getting any feedback from my leader

...I don't even know what skills or competencies I should be working on to be considered for a promotion

...I don’t know if I have the basic competencies for skills for the job I'm doing


This Course is for YOU if...

Your company is cutting development budgets and programs

You have limited promotional opportunities 

Your leader is busy and doesn't have time to help invest in your growth

You're not getting the feedback you need

You're not sure what good leadership is

You're not sure where to start

AND... You're ready to ACT NOW!

Definitely Me and I would love the course

So What Exactly Is Included in The Course?

  • 5 Step Process to identify your dream career that matches your life
  • Understand 18 critical leadership competencies and skills
  • How to build and maintain a Career Development Plan
  • How to build a skills, experience and credentials inventory


  • The Career Path Workbook with all the materials you need in one spot
  • Video Coaching from an experienced Leadership Coach
  • Access to Private VIP Group - Get support from other like minded people
  • A Complimentary 1 Hour Private one on one coaching session to help answer any questions you have and help with next steps
I'm ready

It's About Getting Real Results So You Can Say...

  • I know what career roles I want and go after
  • I know where I am going to spend my time and money developing my skills and competencies
  • I have my 3 priority skills to develop to be ready for my next role
  • I know what my next role is that I want
  • I know who to talk to that can teach me things I don't know
  • I can identify and seek out the right mentors to guide me
  • I know what part of the business I need to understand better
  • I know what training I need to take vs. what I need to learn on the job
  • I have the information on my career to have that next promotion conversation with my leader
I'm ready

I'm ready to

...Know what my next job will be

...Know the timeline that my leader is looking to put me in that role

...Know what learning my leader wants me to focus on

...Know who my mentors and champions should be

...know who I should and can rely on to give me career guidance, coaching and support

This is NOT for you if...

You're looking for a QUICK FIX

This is about you being ready to do the work and take action with experienced support


This is about helping you from where you are today to a better, brighter and more empowered place

You're wanting a "NICE CHAT AND PAT ON THE BACK" 

This is not about telling you what you might want to hear but... what you need to hear to take action and keep moving towards your goals


There are so many other professionals just like you feeling like they don't where to start.

This is exactly why I am so passionate about helping people get real results for their development and careers.  This is why I decided to build this course.  I built this for people just like you who need the support and don't know where to turn.  I wanted to take my two plus decades of experience in Human Resources and my education as a Psychologist and build simple, easy to use tools to help people start getting results today!


I'm proud of what I do and my success is based on you being successful!

Change is scary.... but that's why I made sure....

  • You have a 30 Day Cancellation Policy - If you're not satisfied for any reason just let me know and I will refund your money with no questions asked
  • I offer a complimentary, private one on one coaching session to answer any additional questions you have and offer even more support for your personal situation
I'm ready to get started!

HR Professional

"Everyone who takes this course will be better off for it!"

VP Oil & Gas Industry

"I am completely inspired with her delivery, passion and on point discussions."