Why Performance Management Systems Are Broken

The world of Performance Management is still a challenge for CEOs and CHROs.  With all the dynamics to manage, it is becoming increasingly difficult to design effective programs.

This white paper discusses why  Performance Management is so challenging, the 3 big busts in current performance management systems, and five steps to build the most effective way to drive organizational and individual performance.  

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Why CEOs are Struggling to Solve the Talent Trifecta:  Performance, Culture, and Leadership

CEOs, C-Suite and CHROs continue to work on driving organizational performance, developing culture, and building leadership capability.  

This white paper discusses why the Talent Trifecta is so challenging, myths about performance management systems, culture and leadership, and steps to solve the dilemma.

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What Are You Waiting For?  Your Career Path Is In Your Hands!

Identifying top talent and career development effectiveness continue to show up as “hot topics” on the CEO’s Talent Strategy agenda.  Yet, managing these “top topics” well continues to be a struggle for many organizations and employees. 

This white paper discusses the problems why organizations struggle with traditional Career Development programing and how employees are impacted when they feel they are not part of their career path planning.  Most importantly, this paper discuss the benefits of employee accountability in career management and offers a simple process to facilitate that accountability.  

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What it Really Takes to be a C-Suite Executive

Many people aspire to get that “top seat” at the table and wonder exactly what it takes to get there.  Yet, quantifying that roadmap to the illustrious C-Suite can be a challenge due to all the impacting factors. 

This white paper discusses different elements that may impact that path along with a simple competency framework to consider when you are building your development plan.  Most importantly, this paper discusses the benefits of understanding the dysfunction and derailers that can completely take you off the track. 

Understanding the expectations and the obstacles will put you in a better position to effectively invest in your personal development and take charge of your career path.  

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